Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring brights at H&M Home

I am SO over winter now! I'm sick of wearing big coats and boots all the time, are you?! At least we can get inspired by the beautiful bright Spring homewares that are around at the moment. I was browsing H&M's Home collection yesterday and was so drawn to all their bright colours, floral patterns and fun designs.... The styling is lovely, and I love the mix of pastels with punchy bright pinks and greens. And of course the price is always right at H&M so you can add that little colour injection without  breaking the bank! woo! Visit the site to have a peek.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Botanical wallpapers from Sandberg

Following on from my recent post on floral interiors, I had to share these gorgeous wallpapers from design studio Sandberg, those stylish Swedes! Apparantely this collection was inspired by a quote from the famous 18th Century Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus: “God created the world as a piece of floral wallpaper, and placed people there to live, walk about and enjoy.” Love that!

I think its because I have a bit of a thing for botanical drawings that these really appeal, I particularly love the last wallpaper here, which looks like pages from a botanical book. Will certainly save on ripping pages from that book you found at the flea market and pasting them to your wall individually!

The wallpapers are priced from £65 per roll, which I think isn't too bad. I always try to use the logic of cost per use... and you will look at wallpaper in your home every day.  I don't regret the money I spent on the wallpaper for our hallway as it gives me pleasure every single day! :)

Anyway, check out Sandberg for the full collection, and they can be viewed at their UK distributor Lizzo in London if you want to have a gander in person.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Washi tape decorating

There really does seem to be mass obsession for washi tape in the craft and styling world. I for one know I am drawn to it everytime I spot some in a stationery shop, and reguarly find myself scouring the web for new and interesting colours and patterns. I love seeing peoples collections, not only does it look great on gifts and crafty projects, the rolls also look gorgeous stacked high in your workspace! 

via 88forever
via New House Project

via Torie Jayne

via Amy Tangerine

Crafters and stylists already use washi tape to adorn anything and everything, and there are so many great creative projects to be found on Pinterest, so I guess it was only a matter of time before the makers of MT tape would develop something to actually use in decorating! They have launched MT Casa, extra wide rolls of tape, and also circular tape which would be great if you want to create a polka dot wall...


I'm envisaging homes everywhere completely plastered in washi tape from ceiling to floor! What do you think? Is it a great idea, or is it a step too far with the washi tape obsession?! For me personally, I think I could see myself using it on a small piece of furniture to add colour perhaps, but I think wrapping my entire kitchen in it is highly unlikely! :)

If you want to get your mitts on some, pop over to Molly-Meg who are stocking a selection.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mix and Match florals

The last week has been a tad depressing. Not only has the weather been rubbish, I've also been struck down with the worst flu I've had in years.  But it is the time of year when we can at least start thinking about brighter times, and with Valentines this week, and Spring (hopefully!) just round the corner, it makes me think of one thing that never fails to make me smile: flowers. I'm already feeling more cheery just thinking about them! :)

Now some people might say that too much floral pattern in the home can be chintzy or that mixing patterns doesn't work, but if done well, which it is by the likes of Dottie Angel and Selina Lake, then it can look really fresh, pretty and uplifting. Yes it is girly, and I'm not sure if I would get this look past my other half, but I have to confess I am really into it right now!

pic via Dustjacket
I think the main thing to make it work seems to be that, although the patterns appear mismatched, there is generally a common colour running through, so for example in this first image, all the cushions feature shades of pink, so it ties them all together, and it means its ok for the patterns to be of different sizes as they compliment each other. 

I also love the idea of hanging vintage floral plates and/or floral paintings on top of a bold patterned wallpaper! You don't need to go mad, just a choice piece here and there. Or you could hang the objects on a facing plain wall to subtly reflect and compliment the floral wallpaper.

via Homelife

via Underbaraclaras

©Ryland Peters & Small / CICO Books

via Selina Lake  (for Period Living)

via Dottie Angel

Selina Lake's bedroom - via House & Home

via Daisy Park

What do you think? Could you mix and match your florals in this bold way? And do you think the man in your life can live with it?! Would love to hear what you think!

More floral inspired interiors on our Pinterest page. 


Sunday, February 3, 2013

DIY: Fabric business card holder

With all this wedding preparation I've been feeling very crafty these days! I guess it just puts you in the mood to create. I wasn't too well this weekend, so was laid up on the sofa. But even when I'm ill I find it hard to 'do nothing', so I decided it was about time I made that little business card holder I've had on my list for ages. Doable from the sofa, and not too taxing!

Basically the business cards I have are a square shape - you can get these made up from most printers, although they usually come under flyers rather than business cards. Just make sure to get a high gsm so they are nice and thick. I got these ones from Print Loft but I have also used Face Media Group. So because of their shape its always been hard to find a suitable holder for them that you can just chuck in your bag so you've always got them on you.

So I thought, the easiest way round it is to make my own! Its not a complex design or hard to make, but I thought I'd share it with you anyway! 

The cards measure 105mm x 105mm, so I cut the fabric approx 130mm wide by 270mm. This is probably a bit wider than is needed but I thought it better to have it wider to give a bit of leeway so you can fit more cards in if needed. Fold the fabric with patterned side facing together, leaving around 45mm for the flap. You also need to fold over a small amount at the other end which will be where your flap will button onto, so that you have a neat edge. 

I hand stitched mine, as you will probably notice from the slightly dodgy hems! But you could do it on your sewing machine - just stitch together the 2 sides, sewing down the piece you folded over for the top. Then I just folded in a hem around the flap, stitched those, and then added some lace trim around the edge of the flap to add interest. Finally I just added a little popper button on the flap to close it. You could add a pretty vintage button here instead if you wanted.

And thats it! really simple, and will keep my cards protected in my bag and look lovely when I get them out to distribute at the next networking event I attend! ;) 
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