Monday, July 30, 2012

Fab Followings: Freya Lines

Its been a while since my last 'fab followings', but this week it is Freya Lines, a designer whose work is heavily inspired by nature, and I particularly like the delicate feel to her work.
Her illustration is beautiful, her work features on websites such as Woolly Green and This is your Kingdom but it also translates to her product range as you can see below.....

See more of Freya's work on her website.

Friday, July 27, 2012

French Fancies

As you may have heard I am getting married in France next year. I decided I won't be blogging about the wedding on here, as this is a home decoration blog and there are plenty of wedding blogs out there if you need them! But instead I thought I'd start a little series of my favourite French related things!

So here is my first find, these quirky mustard pots from Ebury Home and Garden. £30 for a set of 4.

If you are interested in my wedding plans I will be blogging about it over on wedding blog Poppy In Pearls shortly, I'll let you know when I start! ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Modern Vintage Interiors

If you've ever dreamed of publishing a book of your own (I know its one of my ambitions!), there is no better time to give it a go than the digital age we now live in.  Jo-ann Fortune and Mat Keller have done just that, and have self published a new coffee table book called Your Inspection Welcome: Modern Vintage Interiors via

Jo-ann, an editor and journalist, and Mat, a graphic designer and photographer decided to bring their skills together and produce a book that was filled with the quirky vintage interiors that they both love.
The homes featured are real, lived in homes, most decorated and styled on a budget, and Jo-ann has delved into the background and stories behind the objects and treasured items that the owners have surrounded themselves with.
 Congrats to Jo-ann and Mat for a lovely book, and for taking the initiative and self-publishing! 

Your Inspection Welcome is available to buy from Blurb for £28.95

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kingston Market - Sat 21st July

Today I've been working from home, and mainly I've been planning and organising for a market I am going to be having a stall at on Saturday. I always forget how much prep there is to do for markets! Choosing stock, pricing, display ideas, admin, etc. so glad I was off today to get ready for it! Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram (patchworkhrmy) you might have already seen these prep pics!
If you are in the area on Saturday pop by and say hi!

10AM til 5PM
If you can't make it along you can always have a peek at the website for our closing sale bargains:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Owl Love

Its funny how certain motifs keep cropping up in design. Nature seems to be a huge influence on many designers, particularly birds, and even more specifically Owls!  While browsing online homeware stores, it is not hard to spot those big eyes peeking out at you from a cushion cover, lampbase or wallpaper! Their shape and big doe eyes just seem to work... here are my picks of my fave owl related items!
Nordic Rose
Rigby and Mac
Rigby and mac


Rigby and Mac

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shop bargains & a market stall

As you may know, we are closing our online shop soon, and taking the business in a new direction.  We currently have a selection of items still left, and have just slashed the prices so you might want to take a little peek and get yourself a bargain or two!

Also, if you are in the London / Surrey area on the 21st July, you can come find us in the centre of Kingston Upon Thames, where will we have a stall selling off some more stock at discounted prices! Come and say hi!  Fingers crossed the rain gives us a little break for it!
10AM til 5PM

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Leilas General Store

The other day I came across Leila's General Store, and as I am a big pastels fan, there are lots of goodies stocked here that I fell in love with! They've got some gorgeous styling and photography of their products, only problem is as a Swedish website, I think they only deliver within Scandinavia. :( But hey, a little bit of eye candy for a Thurday afternoon....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Current Obsession - Typewriters

I've always liked the idea of owning a typewriter, but I guess always dismissed it asking myself - when would I use it? where would I put it? And generally when you look at ones for sale online they are not exactly cheap. But then, on Sunday morning, I was cruising my local car boot sale, which was initially more disappointing than usual, when I spotted a glint of beautiful jade green, right there on the ground next to some rusting old garden tools.  My initial response when I spot something like this that makes your heart race is to look up and check out the seller - are they a savvy trader who buys and sells for a living, or is it someone clearing out their granny's attic? In this case, I wasn't sure, they had a white van rather than a 'car boot' which said trader to me....and this typewriter was in pristine condition and accompanied by its original old carry case.  I thought there's no harm in asking a price, expecting a quote of at least £25 or above.  Well, miracles clearly do happen - for what I was told was a hopeful (on his part) £5! Inside I was whooping, on the outside, I was frowning, looking unsure as to whether this was a reasonable price.  After a few moments of deliberation, I asked if he'd take £3.50 for it, and amazingly he was more than happy. Through all this, it didn't cross my mind once - when will I use this? where will I put it? - It was just too pretty and WAY too much of a bargain to turn down! So here it is, I am now a proud owner of this lovely green typewriter!

A few people have asked me if I'll use it for our wedding, as there is a trend for using them to get your guests to write special messages for you on them.  If I'm honest, probably not, I can't imagine any of our guests sitting for half an hour trying to type when there is dancing to be done! It is pretty labourious typing on a typewriter! Although I have spotted some lovely pics of how people have used a typewriter at their wedding....

I imagine I will just enjoy looking at her and owning her, and occassionally using it for a craft project perhaps.... I just need to find out where to get a replacement ribbon first!
If you have an interest in typewriters, make sure to check out the article we ran in the current issue of 91 Magazine which looks at the history of typewriters, their popularity and how people are trying to incorporate then into 21st century technology. Read it here on Page 35.


Homespun Style book - Winner announced

In our current issue of 91 Magazine we have a lovely feature about Selina Lake's latest book Homespun Style - if you haven't seen the feature turn to Page 55 of Issue 3 to check it out.  We also ran a competition to win a signed copy of the book itself, and we have just selected the winner!
The winner is powell2317 - CONGRATULATIONS!

thanks to everyone for entering, and I can confirm this is one gorgeous book, so if you haven't got your hands on a copy yet, its on Amazon for £12.99.  Thanks to Selina for this lovely signed copy!
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