Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunshine & Flowers

Amazingly the UK seems to be hanging on to some decent weather for a substantial period of time for once! (I'm trying not to think about the torrential downpour I very nearly got caught in this morning!)
All this sunny weather just makes me want to buy flowers every time I pass a flower shop and fill the house with them, and as I've been out sourcing lots of lovely new vintage things for the shop too, I've been eyeing up lots of quirky vessels to display them in - old teapots, bottles, metal vases, teacups, vintage glassware etc....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bedrooms... airy or cosy?

The next room I'd like to tackle decorating is our bedroom.... I plan to hang the pigeon wallpaper most likely on the chimney breast, but I am having dilemmas about whether the rest of the walls should go from the deep red they are now to light airy white, or should we stick with a warmer cosy colour?
This isn't my bedroom below by the way! but it is a similar colour at the moment! 
During the winter I did grow to like the deep red walls we inherited as it felt cosy, but now the sun is shining obviously a lighter colour seems much more appealing!
The problem is we have quite a dark wood vintage wardrobe and chest of drawers, and all the beautiful white bedrooms I see and love have light coloured furniture! So I wonder will it not look right?!
Its quite nice here, but our floor is not white it is also dark wooden floorboards.....  plus our furniture is kinda massive  - not small & delicate!
maybe no paint at all?! I love this... 
or a more muted shade.... 
maybe I should use up the pink paint from my chair makeover?!
 or something more subtle but classy.....
argh! I'm so indecisive! I need a house with 10 bedrooms!! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thornback & Peel

I have been a fan of Thornback & Peel for a while now and have just purchased some of their pigeon wallpaper! I seem to have developed a slight obsession with 'bird' wallpaper! (see my hall!)
I'm planning to put the pigeons in the bedroom - ironic really as I'm actually not a fan of real life pigeons! Maybe looking at them on my wall every day will help me conquer my fear!
I love how their designs are clean and simple but with a real quirky edge.  I'm loving the new deckchair designs - Strawberry & Blossom and Bird & Egg, and the strawberry teatowel....
The Classic jelly design is possibly one of my favourites... and I love the image below of the dining table where each setting has a different napkin!
I will post pics of the wallpaper when I have decided on how I'm going to decorate the entire room, and actually get round to doing it! 


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brights or Pastels?

Some interesting research carried out by mydeco.com recently showed that an increasing number of men are favouring pastel and light coloured shades when decorating their homes, while 56% of women said they preferred bold, bright, primary colours.  Funny, I would always have imagined it to be the other way round!
I am definitely more of a pastel girl when it comes to walls - I like my rooms to be light and bright, and then add stronger colours with accessories....

What do you prefer? what does your hubby/boyfriend/male friends go for?
pics via House to Home, Living Etc, Max Attenborough, Lucyina Moodie, Polly Wreford

Monday, June 14, 2010

Chat with the lovely Lisa Stickley

You may remember a while back in January I posted about the new collection of homewares Lisa Stickley has designed for Debenhams? Well in anticipation for the launch of the products in store in August I got the chance to ask Lisa a few questions about this new collaboration and her tips for creating a great home!

Hi Lisa, Myself and my readers are really excited about your new range for Debenhams. can you tell us a little more about the collection and what we should expect? 
We have lots of lovely bits and pieces in the collection, from essential bottom drawer kit including tea towels, aprons and oven gloves to napkins and placemats. There are wonderful stoneware items from the ‘posie’ collection which are perfect for tea and cakes (complete with butter dish, cake stand, milk jug and sugar bowl). For friends for dinner and Sunday lunch we have a complete casual dining set in ‘buttercup’ a sweet little floral which is scattered across plates, bowls and platters, and fantastic glass stands for your tarts and cheeses. Kitchen storage comes in everything from tins for your tea bags and coffee beans, through to great bread and cake tins decorated with playful floral prints in clean colours of raspberry pink and mossy green.
For the bedroom we have some wonderful cotton bedding complete with contrast piping and vintage inspired buttons. The designs range from a classic soft mint stripe complete with delicate mini floral print to a chic red and white ‘posie’ print with a contrast stripe on the reverse. ‘Window box’ offers a more contemporary look with a quirky graphic floral print and ‘Myrtle’ is our favourite graphic stripe with 1960’s inspired flowers dropped in and around amongst the stripes. Bed layering comes in the form of a super soft eiderdown and throw cushions with ‘garden bird’ and ‘bed text’ prints – all black and white to classically compliment each of the four bed sets.  

What was the inspiration for the collection?
We wanted House & Home to have an essence of the Lisa Stickley brand but also take on an identity of its own at the same time. We looked at the traditional British garden fete as a starting point, and I worked on some new ideas especially for the collection taking a quirky, fresh eclectic approach and producing a range that can be collected into bit by bit. One of the main prints for this season include ‘Buttercup’ which I have drawn to look as if it has been handed down through the generations with a lovingly worn vintage feel, contrasted with clean bright coloured accents (often appearing on lids, creating a bold statement for your biscuits!). The second print is ‘Posie’ which is very much 1950’s inspired (right through to the shapes we have used), a hand drawn collection of traditional English roses.

Do you have a favourite item? 
One of my favourite items is the ceramic storage house. I love it as it has just the right amount of Kitsch and is the perfect English eccentric statement for every kitchen.

There's lots of bright colours around at the moment do you think this trend will continue for Autumn/Winter and into 2011, and is there any other trends you can see emerging?  
Colour is everywhere at the moment and its wonderful. There is a counter colour reaction that is in full swing in the fashion world this summer with the beautiful subtle nudes and these are great if you find the right shade to wear but a little ‘anemic’ for the home I think. At the moment I have just re decorated my lounge with a fantastically soft stone colour on the walls with crisp white highlights on the woodwork. This sets of the vintage pieces I collect brilliantly and is a fantastic soft canvas to add splashes of bright saturated colour here, there and everywhere. 

What tips would you give to someone re-styling their home who is feeling lost for inspiration or overwhelmed by choice?
De clutter so you can see the wood for the trees and make the best of the items you really love (its a bit cliché but less is more). If you are really overwhelmed I would suggest sticking to just one or two colours and buying items around your chosen hue, this way you can easily create a focused style for your home and give it a coherently thought-out chic edge at the same time, being as eclectic as you wish.

Can you tell us about any plans you have for next year?
We have lots on the go for next year at Lisa Stickley HQ, including hunting for a flagship store which is very exciting indeed. I have just written my first book ‘made at home, a guide to simple sewing’ (published by Quadrille) which launches in July (so for next year if this has been popular who knows...maybe a book number 2?!). With a wonderful Liberty collaboration, a new stationary range, lisa stickley in Japan, and some inspired new prints in the pipeline the future is looking bright so... Watch this space!

Thanks Lisa! Can't wait to see the collection in the shops! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Vintage collection

I just added some fab new vintage items to the Patchwork Harmony Boutique! I have to say I often source items for the shop that I just can't part with, and some of these I really wanted to keep myself as they are so lovely - but I've restrained myself this time, and here are some pics of whats up for grabs!

View all Vintage items here

Oh and if you fancy creating a vintage kitchenalia display that the one I showed you yesterday - I have some of these items for sale too! 

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